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You Have Reached A Portal To The Noble Hawk Detective Agency™, Working Since 1991 From This Single Official Site In Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA..  Please Advise If Any Other Parties Make Contrary Claims.

 No Portion Of This Site May Be Reproduced In Any Way, Shape, Manner, Or Form Without Written Permission. 

Thank You.  © 2006-2024 Hawk. 

* This Site Updated And Accurate As Of :  6/1/2024 * All Rights Reserved. *

You Have Reached A Portal To The Noble 




414.476.4295 USA

We are dedicated to helping people find the truth, solve some kind of mystery, or help justice succeed...


For over 30 years we have worked from the shadows to cast some light and truth to the darkness that many of our clients find surrounds them. Some hard work, instinct and experience helps to provide an answer to their questions, and light the path ahead...


Nothing beats the power of the truth, or the light it brings to the space around us. No amount of lie or deceit, no amount of money, dream, or fantasy, is more powerful. The truth cannot be defeated. It can only be denied, hidden, and misused.


Keep the truth close and precious, stand with the light, and fight the darkness.


We can help !


                                                                   * PROCESS SERVICES *

                         An attempt to locate and serve legal documents to the correct party.

                                    URGENT FLAT RATES FOR UP TO 5 ATTEMPTS:
               AREA #1:  WITHIN 15 MILES OF DOWNTOWN MILWAUKEE:                 $   175
               AREA #2:  WITHIN 15 TO 25 MILES OF DOWNTOWN MILWAUKEE:      $   250
               AREA #3:  WITHIN 25 TO 50 MILES OF DOWNTOWN MILWAUKEE:      $   300
               OTHER AREA:                                                                                                 CALL. 


                                       DIFFICULT SUBJECT STARTING AT:     $    500


                          VERY DIFFICULT/RISKY SUBJECT STARTING AT:     $    7000

          We are experts at locating and serving those people who are convinced that by avoiding            the problem, they will avoid the issue. We have successfully located and served persons                who have evaded local process servers or sheriffs repeatedly, sometimes for years.
           We put the time and effort required into each unique case, document our efforts, and                  allowed enough time, have a 99% success rate.

          We don't believe in mean or trick tactics such as serving someone at Two AM, pretending
     to have a lottery prize for them, or other unprofessional methods. These methods often do
     nothing to help the case and may even endanger people.
          We try to leave the Subject in the most positive mood possible, so that there is less
     chance of any negative reprisal for you, or your case.

          We also offer Hawk Policy 31, which allows any person to sign up in advance for any                       pending documents. A polite phone call informs the Subject, who can then arrange a                       convenient place and range of time to receive the documents. This avoids strangers                         coming to their house, their work place, etc., and any possible embarrassment or                               inconvenience.

          We have a Master Process Server available who has served more than 10,000                                   assignments, and now provide Hawk Instant Service, for electronically filed documents                   sent by email.                                                                        


     * Note GPS Location On Every Attempt To Verify Service, And Help Locate On Further                          Attempts.

     * Provide Video Documentation Proof Every Attempt, Now Common Practice, But Years                    Before Police Body Cams, Or Photo Documentation, Were Routinely Employed.   

     * Create and Use A Privacy Notice Declaring That Documentation May Be Taking Place                        Using The Starburst Decree
TM System.  A Balance Of Privacy And Notice Of Right To                              Document The World, With Controls On Release Of Information. 

     * Create And Use Full Page Professional Styled Affidavits Which Replaced Small Slips Of                    Paper Used At The Time.

     * Create And Use Lighted Agent ID's, Not Required By Law.

     * Create And Use Lighted Agent Bullet Resistant Clipboards.

     * Accept Payment By Credit Cards In Wisconsin.

     * Use Cell Phones For The Most Efficient Service. (Yes, the kind that fit in a briefcase.)
        That was fun!  Being able to call from almost anywhere!

     * Mark Agency Phone Number On Every Document, Although Not Required By Law.

     * Provide In-Depth Training For Each Agent, including 13 Panel Drug Testing And Class "A"
        And Class "B" Certification.

     * Have A Master Process Server On Hand Who Has Completed More Than 10,000 

     * Use Agent ID'S To Identify Each Process Server, Again Not Required By Law, Unless A                        More Discreet Effort Required.

     * Offer A Policy 31 Contact List.

     * Provide Methods And Procedures To Locate And Serve Even The Most Difficult Subjects,
        Which Others Have Failed To Serve. 

                            "We get the people there, so justice has a chance to succeed." - Hawk



               Please See The Contract Below, And Call For More Information If Desired;


                                        414.476.4295 24 HOURS, LEAVE MESSAGE  

                                               MILWAUKEE, WISCONSIN, USA 

                                       - NO VISITORS WITHOUT RESERVATION -

                                                               Thank You!



                                             HAWK DETECTIVE AGENCY

          Hawk Detective brings over 30 years of skill, experience, and integrity to your case.

          We help people find the truth, explore a mystery, and/or help justice succeed!

          We won't work with you if your intentions appear mean, dishonorable, or illegal.
          We don't overbook our clients and won't take your case if we can't devote the type of                   quality effort that our reputation demands.  We simply try harder than most!
          We quote the flat rate fee that in our experience is most likely to provide the best
   outcome, on hearing the details of the case.  Further efforts may be required.
          For one flat rate fee, we will attempt to find a conclusion, or at least make some progress.
   In this way, we can generally provide more time and effort at less cost, than is possible with         hourly rates.  Quote is valid for 5 days.
          Please be aware that this is NOT TV.
  The more time we spend trying to train clients out of
   TV Mode, the less time we have to work on your matter.  These things often require more               time and effort than at first imagined, so please be realistic, or at least try to understand.
   If you have a serious matter, 
 it will take a serious effort, unlike TV.     
          You purchase our efforts and the experience and acquired skills we bring, not results.               Payment in advance, no refunds.  We concentrate on the case, instead of worrying about               payment.  Additional efforts beyond the original scope quoted, that we deem necessary for           the best outcome, will be the responsibility of the client.  By payment you acknowledge that         you have read these conditions and agree to same and the Hawk Contract, as stated below.

                           "Man Is The First Destroyer Of Truth, And Time Is The Second..." - Hawk

                                                                                       Thank You.

                                                                             WE ALSO BELIEVE: 

                                                   Each Person Has A Right To Know The Truth.
                                                                                                             Each Person Has A Right To Keep A Secret.       

           We walk the line of privacy and the right to know something, every day.  
We think that
     each situation is different and the need to know, or the existence of a right to know, depends       on the situation, and the greatest or most possible good. 
We believe that individuals, businesses, and even law enforcement, cities and                                 governments, should give notice if a specific area or persons in a specific area, are being               documented in some way, by video, audio, or any kind of recording and documentation. 
          Also, that once the information is acquired, that there should be a wise and reasonable               consideration applied to the further release or sharing of the information.  A specific                       reasonable policy should be created and followed.   
          As such, Hawk created and we employ and follow the Starburst Decree
TM  which is a commitment to A Balance Of Privacy And Notice Of Right To Document The World, With Controls On Release Of Information. 
          Where a more discreet effort is not required, the Starburst DecreeTM will be displayed. 

                                      * INVESTIGATION SERVICES *

      An attempt to discover the truth, review data or discover new information, document             activities, or other research.              

                                            BASIC FLAT RATE INVESTIGATION:

                                                                       BASIC TYPE 1:     $    100
                                                        BASIC TYPE 2:     $    250
                                                        BASIC TYPE 3:     $    750

        Simple Research or other procedures, fee quoted on consultation.  These efforts may       include searching data bases, locating a Subject, or to verify or document something,           simple assignments up to 5 hours commitment.     
                                          MAJOR FLAT RATE INVESTIGATION:

                                      MAJOR TYPE 1 INVESTIGATION:                            $    2500
                             MAJOR TYPE 2 INVESTIGATION:                            $ 
                             MAJOR TYPE 3 INVESTIGATION, STARTING AT:   $    30,000
                             BY THE DAY, STARTING AT:                                      $    2500

        Research, Surveillance, Video or Photo Documentation, Interviews, Travel, or other           dedicated efforts, an attempt to meet your goal for one flat rate, fee quoted on                     consultation.  Time involved on the case starts from up to possibly 25 hours, to an
     unlimited amount of hours for a 30 day, all out, commitment to your problem.   

                                                             OTHER SERVICES:

             BASIC SURVEILLANCE:         $ 125.00 / Hour.     
         INSURANCE FRAUD:             Starts At:  $ 3500 / 30 Day Effort.
         COUNTER SURVEILLANCE:  Starts At:  $ 2000 / Up To 5 Hour Effort.
             CUSTOM SERVICES:              Custom Services/Services Not Listed.  Call. 

               "There are three sides to every coin...  Choose carefully what you believe."   - Hawk



How it works






By our acceptance of any assignment through any medium and/or Client payment through web site or by any means, the Client hereby understands and agrees to the following conditions and contractual arrangement:

Hawk Detective Agency
TM will not take part in any situation that appears to be illegal or dishonorable. Any investigative effort is based on our ability to remain neutral, unbiased, and unencumbered in our attempt to discover and disclose the truth.

Hawk Detective Agency
TM will attempt to perform the service indicated and satisfy the goal of the client in a professional and efficient manner. A flat rate service is for any amount of time from one to twenty-five or more hours or other efforts, based solely on our consideration and discretion. We will perform whatever efforts we deem most efficient to try to accomplish the Client goal for a set flat rate fee. Additional efforts or expenses beyond the initial strategy or effort may be required.

Either party may cancel this agreement at any time by oral or written notice, without further obligation or refund, or renew this contract for additional effort by oral or written contract and additional payment.

Client understands that the fee is not refundable, that they are purchasing the expertise and experience of the agency and our dedicated efforts regarding any service or situation, not results, no exceptions.  No refunds or chargebacks under any condition.

The Client agrees not to use the information provided to harass or otherwise harm any person or entity, but for honorable purpose only, and to keep our participation and the results of our efforts confidential. The Client agrees to hold Hawk Detective Agency
TM, it's agents or assigns, harmless, for any action or inactions relating to planned or provided services.






                                    Check Your Notes!  Welcome Your Surroundings, Then Consider, Resolve, Plan An Excellentway™ Ahead!                   

                                                    Work with a hopeful spirit, a new day before you ! 


                                       Renew and refresh your outlook, and keep to an excellent effort !


 Have an excellent day !  If today is not your turn, help make it excellent for someone else !


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