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The diary of a Private Eye! 



Is is fact or fiction?  Like real life, hard to tell, but perhaps an interesting journey...

The day started clear and sunny, the promise of spring was in the air.

AmFam Park would soon be open, a baseball stadium also filled with hope and promises, and a new landmark in the center of Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

It had been a hard past few months, work was busy, but love was fleeting.  I was searching for that woman who was searching for me, and who once found, could be something extraordinary together...

                   See Episode 16, within the story of The Excellentway Society(TM), other episodes                                 here and there, the trials and tribulations of a real Private Eye, by the name of                                       Hawk!  Some few coins necessary after the first 10 episodes, but perhaps an

                   interesting journey, some excellent enthusiasm, worth a few pence!

















                                         True stories of a real Private Eye, still working today!












































                         Despite the world, despite the others, find and embrace the beauty all around you.


                        Keep an excellent view of the world, a good hopeful spirit, and some little wisdom...

                                       Enjoy the view and smile at the world....                             



                                "There Is An Endless Beauty To Hope And To Work...

  Keep Some Little Hope To Your Soul And Enjoy Your Projects, The Work Before You!  

                                                           Do Something Excellent!"

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       - HAWK

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