The events in the life of a real Private Eye...
Is it "Fact" or "Fiction?" Like real life, it is often hard to tell...
Names and places may have been changed to protect the innocent.













The day started clear and sunny, the promise of spring was in the air.  AmFam Park would soon be open, a baseball stadium also filled with hope and promises, and a new landmark in the center of Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

It had been a hard past few months, work was busy, but love was fleeting.
I was searching for that woman who was searching for me, and who once found, could be something extraordinary together.

Tired of being disappointed by petty and small, selfish, people. But not feeling cynical, or even skeptical about love. Knowing it is real and watching it move in and out of peoples lives. Not something you can really hold, but something to be a part of, which then becomes a part of you, something you can give away, and yet at the same time, always a part of you.

So I was ready again, never quite disbelieving, but ready to dare the promise of love, and suffer the consequences of finding something else instead.

One must believe first, then dare to love, and finding less than that, laugh at the irony of it all, turn, and love again.

There was a whisper of hope in her voice. Just a whisper of hope that it was still all not true. That all those excuses could be trusted, that her instincts were wrong.

I wanted to tell her that she was probably right, that it was nothing to worry about, that her instincts had been fooled. But experience told me to hold my tongue, and I think we both knew better. Your instincts are knowing friends, speaking to you, and if you ignore them, you shape your own unhappy and artificial future.

But she still hoped, and had asked me to find the truth. She could not deny her feelings, and not knowing was worse than any reality.

So I would be as objective as possible, try to discover the truth, and then it would be her turn. To turn and run, or to fight to save the past, or to just ignore it and go on, decisions far too complex, far too important, and far too full of hurt to be considered yet.

Each of us has a right to keep a secret, and each of us has a right to know the truth.

If two people love each other however, both have equal rights to that truth. Whatever flaw or weaknesses we might share, true love forgiving most minor flaws, remains the same in sun or shadow.

It cannot survive behind selfish secrets and lies.

So now was the time to find the truth, and some kind of resolution to this agony that was also there, in her voice.

He looked more or less like any man. Nothing that unusual about him, or even his life, except today there would be one other man about his world, just waiting and waiting, to see him from a distance.

Surveillance is an interesting combination of great boredom and sudden excitement, and if you relax just a little too much, you miss what happens, in the blink of an eye.

Then there he was, was that him or not? Yes it was!  A sudden surge of Adrenalin and my car is moving without even thinking... He was driving as if he was in a hurry. His vehicle moved on city streets, on to the freeway, and then off again back on city streets. Lost him at the light. Then, there, a glimpse of something down one of the side streets. A quick turn, another turn and then into the parking lot. He parks in a spot next to a car all ready there, apparently waiting for him.

The woman he met may have just been a friend, or some kind of business associate, or was it someone worth risking a wife and kids for?

Who could tell?

Perhaps not even this man himself. Perhaps he was just a little unhappy, perhaps for good reason, and hard to tell, and not up for me to decide. I tried to give both him and his wife that benefit of the doubt, not knowing who was the villain, or if both were really somehow innocent.

I tried to keep an old wise knowledge about life, trying to see it in all its ugliness and all its beauty, the way an old married couple knows each other, the way you know a well worn shoe, and tried not to judge these people. 


You seldom get the full story anyway, even if you're standing right next to someone...

Just the real facts, what people do, not just what they say, this I could help with, and for that, perhaps at least one of them, would be forever grateful...

Private Eye

By the way, this was a real story about a real case, and was written entirely, by a Private Eye.































































                         Despite the world, despite the others, find and embrace the beauty all around you.


                        Keep an excellent view of the world, a good hopeful spirit, and some little wisdom...

                                  Enjoy the view and smile at the world....                             






"There Is An Endless Beauty To Hope And To Work...

Keep Some Little Hope To Your Soul And Enjoy your Projects, The Work Before You! 


Do Something Excellent!"

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