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  • * Can I call and talk to you about my problem?
    Sure! Free consultation by phone or Email. No obligation at all.
  • * If I suspect my partner of lying or cheating on me, what are the odds my instincts are right?
    Based On Our Experience, About 90% Of The Time, Your Instincts Will Probably Be Correct! However, that being said, it does not mean that you are not being a little paranoid or suspicious to begin with. Often the mind will draw a picture and then find the facts or illusions to make it real, whether it is actually real or not. It Seems Also That; Most Of The Time, The Truth Will Rise To The Top. Perhaps it has something to do with Karma and the nature of the universe, but fate tends to favor the truth being revealed. Given enough time and an open mind, the truth will often find you, sooner or later. If it is driving you crazy though, don't go crazy, seek and try to discover the truth... Otherwise the truth may eventually rise to meet you. Be Prepared! And Please Consider; You Can't Make Someone Love You, Or Stay In Love With You, If It Is Not In Their Nature. You must try to be just the best man or woman possible, and then just a little better than that! You must love them, and lead the way, by your example. Then, allow them their choice, whatever it is... People are goofy, and tend to be erratic, often selfish, and sometimes just totally stupid. Most people do not have the ability to truly love someone in the first place... They make the dance moves required, but they don't really enjoy the music. It is just not in their soul. Allow yourself the grace of being wise, kind, loving, and good to yourself first, then to others... You deserve the best, no less! LOL! After all is said and done then, embrace the goodness of love, and don't let it destroy you, but for your efforts. Keep to your path! Be strong, loving, and kind, despite the world, no matter the others! Be noble! Be happy! Salute the world with a smile! Do something excellent! Enjoy the beach!
  • * How much of TV portrayal of a Private Eye is real?
    Some TV shows come close to the reality. However, the illegal activities of breaking and entering, fighting with or shooting at people, etc., are just fantasy. We are a little something like Magnum, Rockford, OO7, etc., but it is more about long hours and the hard work that it takes to make any progress, than the instant success that they portray. LOL! We constantly fight these myths and it takes a lot of time to train a client out of TV Mode, which means less time then to apply to their case. Serious matters will require a serious effort, unlike TV. The thrill of being successful, finding the truth, helping someone solve a mystery or justice succeed, and helping people in unique and different ways, is real however, and very rewarding... Overall, we think if people could find ways to be just a little more kind, compassionate, and intent on doing the good and fair, even being excellent to each other, we would all enjoy a better world.
  • * Why are your flat rate Investigation Services better?
    We try harder than most to solve your problem! Also a flat rate allows us to put more time and effort into a case for lower cost than hourly rates. We try to accomplish the goal for one flat rate, although further efforts, may be required.
  • * Can I get a refund if things don't work out?
    No, sorry. No refunds, no chargebacks, under any condition. If you are not completely committed to the effort, please do not start the effort. Also, you are paying for our time and work performed, the experience and skills we bring to the case, not results. As much as we try, one cannot reliably predict results. Please feel free to ask any question you may have, before deciding a course of action....
  • * Do You Do Process Services?
    Yes, we are a leader in the industry! Experts at locating and serving people with legal documents, in the most polite, but persistent, manner. See "Home/Services" page.
  • * Where did the Hawk name come from?
    Hawk was the code name assigned to the owner of a detective agency that we once worked for. He let us borrow it once he retired. We love nature too, and so it was a good fit. LOL!
  • * How can I follow, and learn more about the Hawk Detective Agency(TM), and Hawk and The Excellentway Society(TM)?
    1. Follow us on Kindle Vella, @ The Excellentway Society(TM) Story, also about the Hawk Detective Agency, presented one episode at a time! A small Kindle Vella Token Fee may be required after the first 10 episodes, to view additional episodes. Or use the "Follow Us" button below! 2. Subscribe below, and we may notify you of further news and updates of, Hawk Detective Agency, and Hawk and The Excellentway Society(TM)! Have an excellent day!
  • * Other Sites That You Really Like? Encourages you to think more about being excellent! Follow along on Kindle-Vella, episode by episode for a small token fee: For the Germ War, an excellent source of paper towels, 4 spray bottle cleaners and some tools in a bucket! For the Germ War, an excellent source of paper towels and dispenser you can easily install into an existing cabinet to dispense paper towels, up to 350 at a time.


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